Frequently Asked Question Related To Solar

What are my solar buying and financing options?

There are three solar buying and solar financing options for you:
  • Buying a Solar PV system (CAPEX Model): You purchase the Solar PV system upfront and can avail various bank loan options to finance your Solar PV system.
  • Buying only solar power (RESCO Model): A solar power developer owns the Solar PV system setup on your rooftop/ land. You only pay for the generated electricity at a pre-agreed tariff. This usually requires a long-term buying commitment and guarantees from your side and entails a lengthy credit appraisal process.
  • Equipment leasing: An equipment leasing company will lease the Solar PV system to you and will charge you a fixed monthly/ periodic fee. This also requires long term commitments and guarantees from buyers. However, equipment leasing is not widely available as of now. Click here for more information.


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