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Delhi Solar Policy – Effective from 1st April 2018 to 2nd April 2022

  1. Delhi Solar Energy Policy, 2016 would be applicable for any solar energy generating system with a capacity of 1 kWp or more.
  2. Delhi is blessed with almost 300 sunny days and the rooftop space available for solar panels is estimated to be 31 sq. km, giving Delhi a solar energy potential of 2500 MWp (annual Generation approx. 3,500 million kWh). Of this potential, 26% is in the government/public sector, 25% in commercial/ industrial sector, and 49% in the domestic sector.
  3. Delhi is well positioned to lead India’s rooftop solar revolution and has consequently established solar generation targets of 1000 MW by 2020 (4.2% of energy consumed) and 2000 MW by 2025 (6.6% of energy consumed).
  4. For solar plants with capacity above 200 kWp, inspection by an Electrical Inspector, appointed by the Delhi Government shall be required to ensure quality, safety, and compliance before commissioning. Up to a solar plant capacity of 200 kWp, the consumer shall be responsible for the inspection and verification before commissioning.
  5. An incentive of Rs. 2.00 per unit will be paid to you on gross energy generated from your rooftop system. The minimum eligibility criteria for GBI will be 1,100 solar energy units (kWh) generated per annum per kWp. For solar plants that generate less than 1,100 units (kWh) per kWp a year, the GBI facility will not apply. The annual solar energy generation that is eligible for GBI shall be capped at 1,500 kWh per kWp, irrespective of the readings of the solar generation meter. GBI Applicability is for a period of 3 years from the date of effectiveness of “Delhi Solar Energy Policy, 2016” which was 3rd of August, 2016; and is it applicable on 1st come first serve basis.
  6. Commercial & Industrial Customers can reap the benefits of Depreciation tax shield as an Accelerated Depreciation of 40% is allowed in the 1st year of the life of the solar system.

About Net Metering:

  1. DISCOMS will conduct the inspection and verification of measures related to safety parameters before installation of Net Meters. Consumers will be facilitating the DISCOMS for such verification.
  2. Capacity Limits under Net-Metering Arrangement: Minimum 1kWp, Maximum 1000 kWp.
  3. Solar System Capacity allowed as a percentage of Sanctioned load under the net-metering arrangement is 100%.
  4. Cumulative capacity of all solar systems installed in a particular area in Delhi shall not exceed 15% of Local Distribution transformer capacity in that area.
  5. Any excess generation (above 90 percent) at the end of the financial year would be considered as free energy and not offset against the consumer’s consumption. There shall be no carry forward to next financial year.

Steps to go solar in Delhi

Going solar in Delhi is a very simple three-step process:

  1. Head over to our site survey page (https://goo.gl/zguQjQ) and schedule a site survey for your site, be it residential, commercial or industrial. You can choose any date of your choice except public holidays for the survey.
  2. Post the survey, we will share with you a MYSUN proposal which will focus on giving you the maximum returns on your investment in solar and making optimum use of your rooftop while you go solar. Our MYSUN solar advisor will walk you through this proposal in great detail and once you are satisfied and sign the EPC contract we will get started.
  3. With all agreements in place, it will take us about 4-6 weeks to complete the installation work at your site. You will now have a solar system on the rooftop of your solar system and will save up to 80% of your electricity bills.

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