One time investment. Lifetime savings.

  • Reduced  Energy Bills

    Reduced Energy Bills

    Did you know that Solar energy today is cheaper than grid electricity? Or that the cost of energy from an Invertor or Diesel Generator is about 2~3 times more than the grid energy that is used to charge the batteries? Depending upon your consumer category and location, you could reduce your monthly energy bill by upto 40%, sometimes even more.

    Moreover, once installed, the fuel (sunshine) is free for life. So, start your savings NOW!

    Find out how much you can save and run our advanced MYSUN Calculator

  • Safe investment,  High returns

    Safe investment, High returns

    Solar is not just a safe investment; it also gives much higher returns than some of the traditional investments we make e.g. FDs, Mutual Funds, Stock Markets, etc. Since the returns on a solar investment are in the form of savings (non-taxable income), it is like having your cake and eating it too. All this, right at your doorstep…errr…rooftop!

    So, whether you are a savvy financial expert or a conservative investor, the time to go solar is now.

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  • Negligible  Maintenance

    Lifetime Negligible (minimal) Maintenance

    Install it and forget it, well almost!

    Just make sure the solar modules are kept clean. At our homes, it's as simple as watering the plants. At offices/ industries, it is a quick job for the house-keeping staff. Alternatively, you could have the solar solution provider undertake an AMC. MYSUN provides simple yet advanced mobile-based tools to help you always get the best out of your solar system.

    At a very nominal cost, you get a lot of savings. Month after month. For 25 years. And beyond.

  • Environment   Friendly

    Environment Friendly

    We all strive for a clean environment for ourselves, our families and our future generations. It is sad to remind ourselves, that we live in toxic times. By indiscriminate utilisation of fossil fuels, we are partaking in activities that cause land, water and air pollution. Solar energy doesn’t strain our existing ecosystem, on the contrary, it undoes some of the sins we have committed. If India sticks to its 100 GW solar ambition tilll 2022, industry experts estimate the displacement of 275 million tonnes of carbon emissions by 2025. That’s equivalent to populating 14 cricket stadium with trees, including the stands! Or removing almost 50,00,000 vehicles from the roads.

    Run the MYSUN Calculator and find out how much you can contribute to the environment.

  • Anyone   Can Use

    Anyone Can Use

    India is naturally blessed with lots of sunight. And sun shines equally on everyone. So whether you are a top corporate honcho or a small factory owner, solar energy benefits eveyone. Whether you need to light one single bulb or require enough electricity to power your city, there’s a solar solution awaiting you.

    MYSUN helps you get a customized engineering proposal for your rooftop. Contact us now

  • And there are more benefits.

    •   Holistic growth of our country

    •  40 crore people in India do not have access to power. Solar is the only
      energy source which can effectively meet this deficit and lead to an inclusive growth

    •  Energy security for our country by reducing import bill on account of oil, coal and gas

    •  Stability of the Indian Rupee against global currencies
    The biggest mistake in our solar journey?
    Delaying the decision to go solar.

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