What we do in the MYSUN Site Survey.?

Explanation of what a solar system is and how it works

Site measurements and layout/ contour mapping

Shadow Analysis of surrounding obstacles using advanced tools

Solar irradiation mapping based on site

Integration with existing power sources, metering arrangement etc

Noting Special Requirements (if any)

Sample report of the MYSUN site survey

  • Layout of site
  • Shading analysis (nearby shading and far shading objects)
  • Solar access & irradiation analysis
  • Module layout in 2D
  • Expected generation - Monthly and Annual for Year 1
  • Monthly and Lifetime Savings with ROI
  • System capacity and proposal with and without net metering
  • Price of the solar system
  • Your contribution to the environment
  • One proposal for a MYSUN Assured Order with Tier 1 Equipments
  • Make of major items in the proposal (Module and Inverter)
  • O&M Proposal
  • AD Benefits/ EMI Option (If applicable)
  • 3D model (if you opt for it)

Site Survey Report without 3D

Site Survey Report with 3D

Why should you Register your Rooftop with MYSUN

  • To help you get started on your solar journey so that you can benefit from renewable energy
  • For most accurate, customized survey reports of sites where solar panels will be installed along with details about financial feasibility
  • For the most competitive solar quotes in the market using only Tier 1 equipment
  • For assistance in comparing solar quotes on an apple to apple basis
  • For procuring and buying the solar system that suits your needs the best
  • For a lifetime of support and maintenance of the solar system

How to Register your Rooftop with MYSUN

In the first step you are required to select your location as well as the category, that your property belongs to. Based on their electricity tariff structure, the properties are broadly divided into three categories:

  1. Residential Site/ Consumer: Individual houses, apartment owners or housing societies that want to go solar
  2. Commercial Site/ Consumer: Offices, commercial establishments, institutions, hotels, hospitals, etc who want to harness solar energy
  3. Industrial Site/ Consumer: Small, medium and large industries, SMEs that want to install solar panels

The next step is where we want to know about you. You are required to input your Name, phone number as well as your E-Mail ID for all the future correspondance. In case you are scheduling a site survey for a Commercial or a Industry property you will be required to input the legal entity name as on the papers. This helps us know a little bit more about you and the site where you are planning to install solar. As soon as you complete this step, an automatic E-Mail is sent with a temporary password that you can change in order to login on MYSUN. You can login at any time to see the status of your report as well as avail other services of MYSUN. You may also use your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to auto login.

The last step in the registration process requires you to input your monthly electricity bill, available rooftop area and your complete address where the site survey has to be done. You are advised to take an average of your bill over an entire year for the most accurate finding. Even if you are not fully in the know of the exact rooftop area, you can input a ballpark number as the MYSUN Site Surveyors will measure the same as a part of the report anyway.