For Residential, Commercial and Industrial Energy Consumers

MYSUN dedicatedly works for you and helps you transition to solar energy in a seamless, reliable and cost-effective manner.

We serve anyone who is a consumer of electricity as an unbiased solar advisor and enabler, be it individual houses or housing societies, small or large industries, commercial establishments or schools and colleges..

Explore Solar

MYSUN provides you with all the tools and knowledge that you need, to understand what Solar can do for you, decide how and with whom, to begin your solar journey. Not only do we tell you when is the right time for you to go solar we also take you on a free solar energy test drive through our solar advisors and our site assessment services.

Services Details
MYSUN Solar Calculator alongwith a personalised Solar Scorecard An advanced tool to get a fairly accurate estimate of your savings with solar power, anywhere in India
A summary report giving an unbiased view of your 'solar potential' and a relative 'rating' comparing your savings/benefits vis-a-vis other sources of investment like FDs, Equity, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, etc.
Advanced Solar Calculator with a Financial Calculator A first-of-its-kind tool that allows you to use gamification to self-assess your solar system design, its benefits as well as a comparison of financing options customized for your solar system.
Online listing of your rooftop/ property and receive Multiple Quotes from Solar installers You can register your rooftop/property with MYSUN free of cost, get quotes from multiple pre-screened installers and complete analysis and financial guidance by MYSUN
Manage your property profile, upload your electricity bills, property photographs and other details, view solar installer profiles, received quotes, select installers, manage solar installation, make online transactions, etc.
MYSUN site visit service (Selected regions only) A detailed advanced on-site engineering analysis of your site/rooftop with 3D mapping, solar panel lay-outing, solar system design, etc.
Your Contribution to Environment You can view how much you will contribute to the environment if you go solar
Customized Solar Feasibility Proposal Basis your site assessment and site visit (if applicable), we will provide you with a summarized solar proposal covering your proposed solar PV system sizing, area, cost, energy generation, etc.
Access to MYSUN Online Knowledge Centre and Customer Support Centre MYSUN provides you everything that you need to know about solar through its exhaustive yet easy to understand FAQs, blogs, solar essentials/ guide, solar policy details, etc.

Get Quotes, Compare and Choose

Once you decide to go solar, you can leave the rest of the process on us, literally. Basis the detailed site assessment and interactions we've had with you already, we will get you multiple quotes from our pre-screened installers (Partners) and help you not just make an apple-to-apple comparison between the various quotes but also make the right choice and get the most reliable and cost-competitive solar solutions.

Service Details
Multiple quotes for buying your solar system or solar power MYSUN will get you 3~5 quotes from our pre-screened and rated solar installers/ developers (Partners)
Assessment of supplier quotes Our solar experts use innovative tools to present you with an apple-to-apple comparison of different supplier quotes alongwith our ratings.
MYSUN standards Best industry standards for quality, design, cost, etc. which our Partners adhere to. If your solar system is designed and built as per MYSUN Standards, be assured it will perform well for more than 25 years.
Financing Options MYSUN provides multiple financing/ buying options in partnership with our financing partners
Shortlist Installers/ Developers online MYSUN helps you shortlist a couple of installers with whom you would like to go-ahead and close the purchase contract.

Ordering, Installation and Post-Commissioning

Once you shortlist the solar installers or developers, we help curate the entire communication between you and the shortlisted vendors and support you through the commercials, contract terms, system design, bill of materials, order confirmation, etc. You can also make your payments safely through our online platform. And post ordering, you can reach out to our Support Centre anytime for any support or query.

Service Details
Final vendor selection MYSUN will support in selecting and finalizing the installer/ vendor
Ordering and Contract Help you in reviewing contract terms
Key commercial and warranty/ performance terms and Payment terms
Online support during installation and commissioning MYSUN solar advisors will provide you online support during the project execution period
Online documentation control Once you order your solar system through us, you get a host of benefits including a lifetime free message centre and storage of all your documents safely on our servers
25 year online support Support to consumers during the 25 years O&M period
Assistance in claiming warranties from EPC and manufacturers Support to consumer in claiming warranty from installer or equipment manufacturer, if required.

Additional Services offered by MYSUN on a paid basis

  • Exclusive detailed solar consulting and project management alongwith financial advisory and debt management mandates
  • Advanced site-assessment services alongwith 3D modeling, shading analysis, solar system design, solar panel layouting, etc.
  • On-site services like material inspection, project supervision, etc.
  • Project performance Monitoring and Analytics service on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, as required

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