Solar in Maharashtra

  1. Maharashtra is located in the western region of India and is the third largest state by area in India
  2. It also receives around 2900 hours of sunshine in a year which makes it around 8 hours of sunshine per day on an average. This coupled with the rising electricity tariff rates makes it a huge potential hub for solar energy.
  3. Maharashtra has installed a total cumulative capacity of 515 MW by October 2017.
  4. Maharashtra government has set the target of producing 12,000 MW electricity using solar power by 2022.
  5. Commercial & Industrial Customers can reap the benefits of Depreciation tax shield as an Accelerated Depreciation of 40% is allowed in the 1st year of the life of the solar system.

Net Metering Arrangement:

  1. Capacity Limits under Net-Metering Arrangement: Minimum 1kWp, Maximum 1000 kWp with a variation of 5%.
  2. Solar System Capacity Allowed as a percentage of Sanctioned load under the net-metering arrangement is 100%.
  3. Cumulative capacity of all Roof-top Solar PV Systems under Net Metering Arrangements connected to a particular Distribution Transformer of the Licensee shall not exceed 40% of its rated capacity
  4. The unadjusted net credited Units of electricity as at the end of each financial year shall be purchased by the Distribution Licensee at its Average Cost of Power Purchase as approved by the Commission for that year, within the first month of the following year: Provided that, at the beginning of each Settlement Period, the cumulative quantum of injected electricity carried forward will be reset to zero.
  5. The Distribution Licensee shall complete the testing and commissioning of the System within 10 working days from receipt of such request, and shall install the Net Metering equipment and synchronize the Roof-top Solar PV System within 10 working days thereafter.

Steps to go solar in Pune

Going solar in Pune is a very simple three step process:

  1. Head over to our site survey page ( and schedule a site survey for your site, be it residential, commercial or industrial. You can choose any date of your choice except public holidays for the survey.
  2. Post the survey, we will share with you a MYSUN proposal which will focus on giving you the maximum returns on your investment in solar and making optimum use of your rooftop while you go solar. Our MYSUN solar advisor will walk you through this proposal in great detail and once you are satisfied and sign the EPC contract we will get started.
  3. With all agreements in place, it will take us about 4-6 weeks to complete the installation work at your site. You will now have a solar system on the rooftop of your solar system and will save up to 80% of your electricity bills.

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