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[An Infographic] Why Is a Service & Maintenance Package So Critical For Your Solar System | Nov 2017

When you install a rooftop solar system at your home, you initiate a 25-year long relationship. A well kept and maintained solar system is an asset on your rooftop for 25 years easily...

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[An Infographic] How To Save Electricity At Your Home & Reduce Your Electricity Bill | Nov 2017

Right from a very young age, we have been taught a golden lesson, not to waste resources. And electricity is considered a major resource because even today, a vast majority of it is produced by either water or by burning fossil fuel like coal, petrol etc. Yet, we see very often, people leaving fans and lights..

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You Can Save Up To 90% on your Electricity Bill With Solar in Lucknow if you Go Solar Now | Oct 2017

Our purchasing habits today are defined by how much can we save on our shopping. The internet has played a key role and today we make sure to find the..

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If you Live in Greater Noida Going Solar Will Be the Best Financial Investment You Will Ever Make | Oct 2017

When you think of some of the best-planned cities in India, the name of Chandigarh and Greater Noida generally feature in any list. With fantastic wide roads and well-planned sectors, ..

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All the More Reason to Go Solar: After Delhi, Electricity Tariffs Hiked in Punjab Too | Oct 2017

It was reported in September that the electricity tariffs in the capital city of India will be hiked by an average of about 4-6% thanks to a new surcharge that has been introduced. ..

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Why Should All Residents, Commercial Buildings, Businesses and Institutions Go Solar | Oct 2017

Going solar today is not just a decision that is beneficial to the environment but also a high return and safe investment option...

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If you are in Delhi, be Prepared for Higher Electricity Bills from This Month | Sep 2017

The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission has decided to add a new surcharge on the electricity bill starting September 1, due to which the electricity bills in the National Capital will be higher...

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Why is a Proper Site Survey so Crucial for Rooftop Solar | Sep 2017

If you are contemplating going solar and have or are planning to choose MYSUN as your solarization partner, ..

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Here is How Installing Rooftop Solar System Can Benefit Your Business | Aug 2017

Nobody needs to point out that running a successful business in today's world is a challenge...

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Everything You Should Know Before Installing Solar System For Homes | Aug 2017

With falling solar power prices and increasing prices of electricity from the conventional sources of power, today, solar system for homes on the rooftop is no more a distant dream but a reality. Plenty of residential users today have started adopting solar, not just to meet their power demands in a clean way..

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