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Interesting Ways the World is Using Solar – Solar Powered Pest Control System | Feb 2021

Innovators from all around the world have showcased some unimaginable applications of solar energy. From solar roofed bike lanes to solar paints, from solar-powered clothes to solar cars, the energy has been used by creative minds in unfathomable ways. ..

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The Union Budget Proves to be a Mixed Bag for the Solar Industry in 2021 | Feb 2021

The 2021 Union was one of the most keenly anticipated budgets in the history of modern India. Read out in the backdrop of the global pandemic the budget came with high expectations...

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A New Solar Policy for Gujarat in 2021 – Good News for MSMEs/Businesses of the State | Jan 2021

2021 has barely begun and there is already great news for commercial and industrial power consumers of Gujarat. The state, which ranks 2nd in the country with an installed solar capacity of over 5000 MW..

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5 Reasons to Solarize Your Business in Madhya Pradesh Today | Dec 2020

Madhya Pradesh, the second largest state of India, is one of the fastest-growing economies in the country. The state’s GSDP grew at a CAGR of 13.78% between 2015-16 and 2019-20. With a GSDP of Rs. 9.07 trillion the state ranks 10th in the country...

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India to Impose 40% Customs Duty on Imported Solar Modules | Dec 2020

In a support to the domestic solar panel manufacturing industry, India may soon impose a Basic Customs Duty on Imported solar modules and cells in the country. ..

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Insulation Material Manufacturing Company in Madhya Pradesh Saves a Fortune Annually by Going Solar | Dec 2020

Madhya Pradesh is one of the fastest-growing states in India. With a GSDP of around ₹9.62 lakh crores, the state ranks 10th in the nation and is consistently growing at a rate of 12~14.2%. ..

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CAPEX vs MYSUN DPA vs PPA: How to Pick the Right Financing Model to Go Solar | Nov 2020

Going solar has proven to be a profitable investment decision for large corporates, SMEs and MSMEs across the globe. In fact, every single MYSUN customer..

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Things you keep telling yourself to avoid Buying Solar for your Business | Oct 2020

Buying a solar system is one of the most rewarding investment decision for a business across the country. Whether you are a large corporation or a small to medium-size enterprise, going solar saves Lakhs of Rupees on power bills every month, thus optimizing a business’s operating expenses...

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Transparent Solar Panels may soon become a reality | Sep 2020

Have you ever wondered a future where the source of power to all your electronic gadgets will be the glasses of the building that you reside in? Yes, while this sounds too futuristic to imagine, the world is already headed towards that direction. ..

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Gujarat Industrial Policy 2020 – Huge Incentives to MSMEs Going Solar | Sep 2020

Gujarat, one of the leading solar energy-rich states of India, recently released its new industrial policy. In the policy, the state has announced some major incentives for MSMEs looking to solar. ..

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