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Interesting Ways the World is Using Solar Amid COVID-19 Crisis – Solar Powered Hand Wash Basin | May 2020

While the world battles unprecedented circumstances, two Ghanaians have come up with a wonderful innovation that has solar power at the heart of it...

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10 Most Common Asked Solar Questions by Business Owners – Answered by MYSUN | May 2020

Solar energy is one of the most rewarding investment decisions for any business as it helps them to save a fortune on power bills every month...

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MYSUN Solar Calculator: Here’s How Businesses in Bengaluru can Save Big with Solar | May 2020

Bengaluru is among the world’s top 10 fastest growing cities with an average economic growth rate of 8.5 per cent. With 40 per cent of India’s IT industry located in Bengaluru,..

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Interesting Ways the World is using Solar – Solar Roofed Bike Lane | Apr 2020

Through our series of Interesting Ways the World is using Solar, we bring you the most cutting edge application of solar in modern times...

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How Solar Can Help You Plan Your Businesses’ Future While Working From Home? | Apr 2020

Owing to COVID-19 most businesses have resorted to working from home, however, there are businesses where this possibility is very little. Take manufacturing for example. Such businesses are at a standstill. It is an understatement to make that ..

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MERC Brings Good News to the Solar Consumers of Maharashtra | Apr 2020

In January 2020, the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited(MSEDCL) had submitted a proposal to the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission(MERC), seeking to levy additional grid support charges on the ..

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MYSUN Solar Calculator Says: Businesses in Rajasthan have a Tremendous Saving Potential! | Mar 2020

Rajasthan, one of the largest states of India is one of the most popular industrial hubs of the country. With such an affluent economy, power becomes an uncompromised necessity for businesses ..

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5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Go Solar in Punjab? | Mar 2020

In March 2018, MYSUN commissioned a 231kW rooftop solar project for a Label Printing company based out in Gurgaon. Post commissioning, the owners of the company saw a dramatic reduction on their monthly electricity bills and estimated to save over 7 cores on their power expenditures throughout the 25 years of their solar journey. Installing this solar system proved so beneficial that the owners decided to expand their installed solar capacity by installing 119kW more. Now they stand to save more than 15 crore rupees with solar in this 25 year period...

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What Does the MYSUN Solar Calculator have to say about Businesses Going Solar in Chandigarh? | Mar 2020

Chandigarh for the past few years has emerged as a top outsourcing hub and thriving hub for businesses, especially in the IT and higher education space..

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Interesting Ways the World is Using Solar – Solar Panels That Generate Electricity at Night | Mar 2020

MYSUN’s blog series on the Interesting ways the world is using Solar Energy has in the past explored the various innovations in solar technology, such as solar boats, cars, robots, paint, and even airships...

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