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How Much Money Can You Save By Going Solar? | May 2022

It is widely considered to be a viable solution to help us overcome the rising problem of climate change, one often overlooked advantage of going solar system is the financial benefits it brings. ..

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What Did The Union Budget 2022 Have For the Solar Sector? | Feb 2022

Over the last few years, at MYSUN, we have shared our views and takeaways from the Union Budget and its impact on the solar industry at large. In case you missed it, here is the blog post outlining the impact of the Union Budget of 2021 on the industry. As is the tradition on the 1st of February, the Fi..

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5 Myths About Solar Energy in India | Jan 2022

Sun is an incredible, alternative, and renewable source of energy-giving fuel to life on earth with clean and sustainable energy..

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Net Metering is now approved for rooftop solar systems with capacities of up to 500 kW. | Jul 2021

The Union Ministry of Power has released the long-awaited net metering policy for rooftop solar installation rules under the Rights of Consumers Rules 2020...

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Maharashtra to go green in next 5 years with solar energy | Jul 2021

The recent announcement by the energy minister of Maharashtra, Nitin Raut, focuses more on renewable sources of energy. The state is set to “go green” by generating 17,385MW from solar projects in the next five years...

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Residential Solar: 11 Things to Keep in Mind Before Installing a Residential Solar System | Mar 2021

The benefits of adopting solar energy by homeowners are well documented. From saving up to 80% on monthly electricity bills to promoting a sustainable society, going solar has proven to be a wonderful investment for homeowners across the country...

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The Updated MYSUN Solar Calculator : Your go-to tool for Estimating Your Solar Potential in Seconds | Mar 2021

The MYSUN Solar Calculator, India’s most popular online solar self-assessment tool, has helped millions of Indians evaluate their solar potential...

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Interesting Ways the World is Using Solar – Solar Powered Pest Control System | Feb 2021

Innovators from all around the world have showcased some unimaginable applications of solar energy. From solar roofed bike lanes to solar paints, from solar-powered clothes to solar cars, the energy has been used by creative minds in unfathomable ways. ..

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The Union Budget Proves to be a Mixed Bag for the Solar Industry in 2021 | Feb 2021

The 2021 Union was one of the most keenly anticipated budgets in the history of modern India. Read out in the backdrop of the global pandemic the budget came with high expectations...

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A New Solar Policy for Gujarat in 2021 – Good News for MSMEs/Businesses of the State | Jan 2021

2021 has barely begun and there is already great news for commercial and industrial power consumers of Gujarat. The state, which ranks 2nd in the country with an installed solar capacity of over 5000 MW..

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