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ALERT Residents of Uttar Pradesh: Your Monthly Electricity Bill likely to go up by 23% Soon! | Jan 2023

Are you ready for your electricity bill to go up? Recent reports indicate that electricity prices are set to rise by 25% in the coming months. Find out how this increase will affect your monthly electricity bills and how you can save money on your energy costs by using solar systems by MYSUN..

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MYSUN Off Season Price Drop Offer is Ending SOON! Get Ready in Time for Summers. | Jan 2023

Don't miss out on the MYSUN Off-Season Price Drop Offer! Get ready in time for the summer season and take advantage of our unbeatable prices for Solar Systems. Hurry, this offer won't last long! Go Solar ..

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Why is MYSUN the Choice of Every Resident of Delhi as their Preferred Solar Partner | Dec 2022

Go Solar with MYSUN. We are selected by residents of Delhi NCR as their preferred solar partner because of the optimum solar system quality and dependable services...

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Renovating or Planning a New Home: Here is How MYSUN Can Help You Save Lakhs of Rupees Over the Next 25 Years | Nov 2022

If you are renovating or building a new house, switching to our ultra modern pergolas and gazebos could be a great decision. With beautiful aesthetics, these pergolas not only add utility & extra space to your homes but also help save for 25 years. ..

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Meet luxury apartment owner in Greater Noida who is now almost 100% on Solar | Sep 2022

Many know of a home solar system as something that helps us substitute a part of our grid energy with cheaper rooftop solar energy. Well, there is nothing wrong with that. But technology is changing very rapidly. There is a lot of engineering involved in designing the right solar system for individual ..

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MYSUN Care is now open to all | Aug 2022

This Monsoon, we bring cheer to thousands of solar system homeowners in Delhi NCR. We are opening our special solar performance-enhancing services to non-MYSUN clients too. So, if you are stuck with an underperforming solar system at your home or your service provider has simply vanished, we warmly wel..

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10 reasons why every farmhouse in Delhi/NCR should consider going solar? | Aug 2022

The concept is that in the future when non-renewable energy sources are nearly depleted, converting to solar energy will not simply be a choice, but a necessity. Going towards solar energy is also quite beneficial in a variety of ways, so why not? Furthermore, as a good Indian citizen, you should support th..

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Free Upgrades upto Rs 3 lacs with MYSUN | Jul 2022

MYSUN brings a limited-time opportunity to own the most advanced and luxurious home Solar Systems.   Book any system with MYSUN and get a chance to win a complimentary upgrade to our next category product. You can also email us at: [email protected]  or WhatsApp us on 844838021..

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Big announcement on Solar Subsidy for Homes | Jun 2022

Government of India, through Ministry of New and Renewable Energy vide its Office Memorandum dated June 10 2022 has simplified the process for availing subsidy for rooftop solar systems for residential grid-connected rooftop solar plants. Key highlights: The national portal for subsidy is open now. ..

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Why Solar is the need of the hour? | Jun 2022

Unlike fossil fuels, which we use daily to generate energy, solar power could be used to generate sustainable, clean energy that is environmentally benign. Because fossil fuels are non-renewable, they will eventually run out. As a result, humanity must pool its resources to be ready for the day when non-r..

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