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MYSUN Solar Financing for Commercial & Industrial Establishments: How Does it Work? | Jan 2020

Going solar is a viable investment opportunity, but currently, my business is not in a position to freeze a fraction from the Working Capital in a solar system..

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Interesting Ways the World is Using Solar: Tricycles to Navigate the Traffic | Jan 2020

The Consumer Electronics Show or CES is an annual event held in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States where the future of personal technology and automobile is on show. ..

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Christmas Bells & Whistles as Celebrations Surround us at MYSUN | Dec 2019

2019 has been a memorable year for us MYSUN. Since our inception in 2016, we are very thankful for the tremendous growth and love that we have received from our hundreds of customers across India. And there is no better time to soak that in and celebrate with the team than the Christmas Eve...

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The Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission Updates its Net-Metering Policy to Push Rooftop Solar | Dec 2019

We have written at length about how industries in Haryana are saving lakhs on electricity bills with rooftop solar, and how solar energy has been becoming more affordable in the state of Haryana...

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Interesting Ways the World is Using Solar: Cars with Rooftop Solar Panels | Dec 2019

Interesting ways the world is using solar energy is a series we run on MYSUN, where we bring to our readers some of the most interesting use cases of solar energy...

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MYSUN Pioneers Rooftop Solar Financing; Actively Helping Industries Go Solar | Dec 2019

With the cost of power from solar energy, in several states, highly comparable to that produced by hydro/coal power plants, solar is seen not just an alternative, but a very viable solution for commercial, industrial as well as residential establishments. Advancing technology in solar has helped industries across India save as much as 80% on their monthly power expenses. To put this into context, if an industry is paying an electricity bill of INR 10L today, it is possible to bring that cost down to about INR 2~3L a month, depending upon the location, system size and feasibility of the project. The savings when amassed over 25 years, which is the typical life of a solar system run into high crores, thereby directly impacting the profitability of the company...

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6 Advantages of Going Solar with MYSUN – The Largest Online Rooftop Solar Platform in India | Nov 2019

Solar energy is increasingly becoming an affordable and reliable source of power for home, office and industry owners across the country. The march to solar is chiefly attributed to the well-documented benefits of solar over the conventional sources of power, which with a right solar partner and solar company are truly realizable. Some of these benefits solar are as below:..

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Interesting Ways The World is Using Solar: Solar-Powered Zeppelins | Oct 2019

In previous articles of this series, we have written about the unique and innovative ways the technology of solar energy has been used across the globe. ..

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An Industry in Faridabad That Chose to Go Solar with MYSUN is Saving More than INR 25 Lakh Annually | Sep 2019

For an active business, power expenditure is a huge part of your fixed bills. Power being such a necessity, more often than not, we neglect the bills and take them as a necessary evil. ..

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Limited Time Solar Subsidy in Delhi for Non-Profit Institutes/Organizations & Homeowners | Sep 2019

Adopting solar energy can reduce your monthly electricity bills by up to 80%. And you can find numerous case studies which will attest to this fact. ..

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