Frequently Asked Question Related To Solar

What is Solar tariff?

Solar tariff is the rate/cost at which you purchase the electricity from the installer/owner of a solar system under a Power Purchase Agreement(PPA). The rate is agreed upon for a certain period of time as per the clause of the agreement. This insulates you from any tariff hike in the near future. However, the solar tariff may be subject to an increase depending on the terms and conditions of the signed agreement.

To get an estimate of the solar tariff that you may be required to pay if you solarize your business under PPA, you can run the MYSUN Solar Calculator. The calculator will show you your estimated solar tariff for a PPA ranging from 10 to 25 years. You will also be able to compare the solar tariff to the levelized cost of solar energy if you went solar under the CAPEX or DPA(Deferred Payment Agreement) model. With the advanced feature of the calculator you will also be able to check an estimate of the total cost of solar energy your business will be paying throughout its solar journey at a given solar tariff.

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