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Chhattisgarh Solar Policy and it's Solar Highlights

Formed in the year 2000, the state of Chattisgarh is one of the fastest developing states in India. It is the 10th largest state in the country and is a prime producer of electricity and steel in the country. Chattisgarh is located in the Southern-eastern region of India. Despite its relatively young age, Chattisgarh already has a total of 135.19MW commissioned solar power. Out of this, 41.61MW was commissioned in the last year of 2016/17 alone. In the year 2016, Chattisgarh government had decided to set up 51,000 solar powered irrigation pumps by the year 2019 in a major push for solar. It is expected that Chattisgarh would add 2640 MW renewable energy by the end of the FY 2018/19. Raipur and Bilaspur in Chattisgarh have already been mandated to be developed as solar cities under the 'Development of Solar Cities Programme'. There are in total 55 such cities in India. Chattisgarh is one of the leading states in off-grid solar projects and has more than 50MW off grid power, with several medical colleges, public schools and engineering colleges installing rooftop off grid systems. With a continuous push, the picture for Chattisgarh is only going to get rosier.

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