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The Advanced Solar Calculator by MYSUN is the most advanced solar system sizing and savings calculator that has been designed specifically for the Indian energy consumers whether you are looking at solar for individual houses or residences, housing societies, industries, corporates, schools, hospitals, institutions, etc. Following up from the success of the basic version of our Solar Calculator, the Advanced Calculator gives all the controls in your hands. You can self-assess your solar system size, solar panels, savings as well as the financing options right from the Advanced Solar Calculator. You can input details of your electricity consumption pattern to get the absolute true picture of what your savings would be like when you do go with a solar rooftop PV plant. You can find out how much roof area is required for solar PV system for your load requirements. You can adjust your sanctioned load, electricity units consumed per month as well as any diesel generator (DG) backup power that you might be using. If you have a flat roof or a tilted roof, MYSUN Advanced Solar Calculator will allow you to size your solar system and accurately see the annual solar power generation for any type of roof. You can also change the direction of the panels with regards Sun and see the impact of your solar panel direction on the energy generation. Therefore, the MYSUN Advanced Solar Calculator gives a very accurate picture of your solarization potential. Moreover, it will also tell you what kind of appliances you can run with solar for how many hours in a day. You can also adjust your day time energy consumption to fine tune the most suitable solar PV system design for you.

If you are confused between owning the solar system or purchasing solar power, what is commonly referred to as the CAPEX and RESCO (OPEX) models, the Advanced Solar Calculator can be of great help here. Under the Financing Options that are listed, you can compare your savings as well as the returns when you go with either of the two models and pick and choose between them. The Advanced Calculator allows you to also get a snapshot of your savings and returns if you opt in for Net Metering. Net Metering is an arrangement with the local DISCOM where the excess power produced by your solar system is fed back into the grid allowing the consumer to earn benefits. Most of the states in India have a well laid out Net Metering policy and therefore the Advanced Solar Calculator gives you an accurate picture of how Net Metering can help you make your electricity bill even lighter.

There is an element of gamification involved too that allows you to model your rooftop exactly the way it is, including choosing the slope, the shading as well as the direction of the roof with respect to the sun. This allows us to accurately predict the solar generation at your site. Whether you are an industrial, commercial or residential user, the MYSUN Advanced Solar Calculator in the most accurate yet simplest manner help you get a true idea of what life will be when you are a proud owner of a rooftop solar PV plant.

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MySunCalculator relies on our advanced algorithms related to your locational co-ordinates, historical solar irradiation, electricity tariffs across-India and certain
generic assumptions with regards to your electricity consumption pattern, availability of area for solar installation, nearby shading, solar irradiation, availing of a
bank loan to buy solar system, etc. You can edit and modify a lot of these assumptions for more accurate results. Read our full Disclaimer.