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MYSUN, India’s premier Solar Technology company for home solar systems, is now guiding residential consumers through their entire solar subsidy journey while still offering its advanced solar systems and services including solar loans.

Who is Eligible for Solar Subsidy?

Homeowners/ Residential Consumers
having a DISCOM Meter

Why MYSUN for Solar Subsidy?

With MYSUN, you get all that one can ask for

Subsidy bhi

Complete end-to-end
process management

Quality bhi

High quality and
workmanship of MYSUN

Style bhi

Pergola style and
many more features

EMI bhi

Easy solar loans including
Zero cost EMIs

Service bhi

5 yrs free as per
MNRE guidelines

Extra Guarantee bhi

Higher guarantees
than Industry

How much Solar Subsidy is available?

Solar System Capacity Applicable Subsidy
Upto 3kW ₹14,588 per kW
Above 3kW and upto 10kW

₹14,588 per kW upto 3kW
₹7,294 per kW thereafter

10kW and above ₹94,822 fixed amount irrespective of system size
3kW System
5kW System
8kW System
10kW System (or higher)
3kW System
₹43,764 subsidy amount
5kW System
₹58,352 subsidy amount
8kW System
₹80,234 subsidy amount
10kW System (or higher)
₹94,822 subsidy amount (fixed)

Key conditions/ features related to Solar Subsidy?

  • The above central subsidy is on a first come first serve basis and only applicable till Dec 31, 2022.
  • The subsidy will be calculated basis the lower of the Solar Panel Capacity in kWp or the Inverter Capacity in kW.
  • The National Portal for this central subsidy is open now and the subsidy shall be available through this portal only
  • Homeowners now have the freedom to choose their solar vendor
  • The subsidy shall be directly transferred the homeowner’s bank account post the solar system installation and inspection by the concerned DISCOM
  • Only DCR Solar Panels (domestically manufactured solar panels using domestically manufactured cells can be used) to avail of the subsidy.
  • Presently only polycrystalline panels upto 335Wp capacity available in this DCR category.
  • You have to fill the capacity applied for subsidy while applying online (Please connect with your MYSUN Solar advisor to know your suitable capacity.
  • The project price will be directly decided between the supplier and beneficiary based on capacity and site. The subsidy amount will not depend on this.

MYSUN at the Forefront of Solar Revolution in India

As per MYSUN, this is a very positive step by the government. Now, homeowners can decide to go with quality solar companies without compromising on the quality and more importantly the service of their solar systems. This will also enable the solar industry to consolidate and develop a robust and elaborate sales and service infrastructure for rooftop solar
MYSUN is running a special drive to help homeowners interested in subsidy and to curate their journey for a seamless and transparent experience.

For more details connect with your solar advisor at:

+91 987 316 7009



SOLAR for every home, building and rooftop.
SOLAR for every city and village.

#LetsSolarize India.

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