Frequently Asked Question Related To Solar

When should I apply for net metering?

You can apply for net metering both before and after your solar PV system installation. However, for maximum benefits and convenience, we suggest you apply for net-metering before the system installation.

Before installing a grid-connected solar PV system, certain permits and approvals are required. These permits & approvals usually vary from state to state and depend upon type and capacity of the system. Listed below is a typical permitting process.

  1. An application is submitted to the local electricity distribution company with details of the planned rooftop solar project along with the required permit fee.
  2. The electricity distribution company then conducts an internal feasibility analysis of the rooftop solar project, basis which it approves or rejects the project.
  3. On receipt of approval from the electricity distribution company, an application for registration of the rooftop solar project is submitted.
  4. In the case of net metering, an interconnection agreement is also executed between the rooftop solar project owner and electricity distribution company.
  5. During installation, the energy meters (solar & net meters) planned to be installed are required to be inspected/ approved by a representative of the electricity distribution company.
  6. Inspection and approval from your area’s Chief Electrical Inspector is conducted either prior or post the installation, as applicable.
  7. Upon commissioning, a commissioning approval for the solar project is accorded by the electricity distribution licensee/ state nodal agency.

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