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While there is absolutely no doubt that rooftop solar is a great financial investment for you, we do understand that the consumers prefer to have easy financing options to choose from to suit their individual needs.

MYSUN presents:

  • Hassle-free solar loans for Commercial, Industrial & Retail customers
  • Collateral free & customized loan options available with minimal down payment
  • Solar loans available through MYSUN & our financing partners

MYSUN Financing Options

Financing Options for Commercial & Industrial Customers

MYSUN Deferred Payment Agreement

  • Collateral-free solar financing; Short tenure – 3 to 5 years
  • Zero Cash Burden – Just 20% - 25% upfront and your system pays the rest
    • Your Monthly Payout < Your Savings from Solar
    • Backed by Assured Generation Guarantee and Service Commitment
  • Own your solar system from day 1 and avail Accelerated Depreciation benefits
  • Payback within 3 to 4 years
  • Apply for Financing

Financing through our Partner Banks/NBFCs

  • Easy financing through our financing partners
  • Attractive interest rates and 3-5 year loan tenure
  • Own the solar system from day 1 and avail Accelerated Depreciation benefits
  • Apply For Solar Loan

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SOLAR for every home, building and rooftop.
SOLAR for every city and village.

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