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What is MYSUN Affiliate Program?

MYSUN Affiliate program is a unique- high rewarding program run by MYSUN, the leading full service rooftop solar platform in India. Under the MYSUN Affiliate Program, the participants stand to earn on an average up to 10 lakhs per annum. The best part is, there is no upper ceiling. You can even earn up to Crores of Rupees, depending upon your level of participation in the program.

As propagators of solar, MYSUN aims to bring a change in the way solar is perceived and purchased in India. A MYSUN Affiliate will play a key role in this change and help India move towards a Cleaner and a Greener tomorrow. For every customer that buys a solar system from MYSUN through your reference, you are paid a handsome conversion fee. The more customers you refer, the higher you stand to earn.

To know more about the earning opportunities through MYSUN, please write in to us at: [email protected] or call us at:+91-9873167009

Who is eligible to participate in the MYSUN Affiliate Program?

    To participate in the MYSUN Affiliate program, you need absolutely no pre-training, knowledge or degree in the field of solar energy. This programme is specifically designed for enthusiastic individuals who want to bring about a change, care deeply about the environment, have good speaking and convincing skills and above all, a passion to see India become a super power and a developed nation. Some of the personnel who can participate in the MYSUN Affiliate Program are below

  • Wealth & Insurance Managers & Advisors
  • Professionals like Charted Accountants (CA's), Architects
  • Ex-Armed Forces Personnel
  • Retired Professionals/ Bureaucrats/ Civil Servants
  • PSU/ Bank employees
  • Housewives & Community Builders
  • Shop Owners (Electrical/ White Goods)/ Small Business Owners
  • NGOs/ Social Workers
  • Do not see yourself listed above? Not to worry as anyone looking for extra income and concern for our environment can be a part of the MYSUN Affiliate Program.

Advantages of becoming a MYSUN Affiliate

MYSUN Affiliate Program is a 100% safe and reliable source of generating regular monthly income. Not only do you earn over and above your existing income, you are also seen as a leader of change towards creating a better India for tomorrow. The best part is that joining the MYSUN Affiliate Program is easy and absolutely free. Simply fill the form above and we will be in touch with you. On successful enrolment, MYSUN will equip you with the requisite training tools and materials, which would help you in your pursuit of achieving high income.

How do you earn through the MYSUN Affiliate Program?

Earning through the MYSUN Affiliate Program is simple. You reach out to your family members, friends and other contacts to convince them to go solar. Once the reference has been verified and has purchased a solar system from MYSUN, your account is automatically credited with a success fee, which is pre-decided.

Mr Sharma of Lajpat Nagar in New Delhi is a proud MYSUN Affiliate. Mr Sharma is a Charted Accountant and he has helped many of his contacts go solar through MYSUN. Not only has Mr Sharma earned Rs 2,50,000 in the last 4 months, all his contacts are saving on their electricity bills and thank him every day. Buoyed by the success and the experience, Mr Sharma then decided to go solar himself and recently installed a 2.5 kW solar system on his rooftop. As a result, Mr Sharma is now a Platinum MYSUN Affiliate and earns 30% more success fee on every successful referral.

So while you can become an affiliate for free and enjoy all the benefits of the program, if you yourself decide to go solar, you stand to gain 30% extra success fee from the very day.

Be wise, be like Mr Sharma and join the MYSUN Affiliate Program.

Remember, by being a part of the program, you not just earn well, you also

  • Become a crusader of a Green and Clean climate
  • Contribute to India's Solar Energy Targets
  • Help the Government of India to meet its COP21 Paris Climate Agreement Commitments
  • Secure the future of our next generation

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