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The Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission Updates its Net-Metering Policy to Push Roof | Dec 2019

We have written at length about how industries in Haryana are saving lakhs on electricity bills with rooftop solar, and how solar ....

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Interesting Ways the World is Using Solar: Cars with Rooftop Solar Panels | Dec 2019

Interesting ways the world is using solar energy is a series we run on MYSUN, where we bring to our readers some of the most inter....

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MYSUN Pioneers Rooftop Solar Financing; Actively Helping Industries Go Solar | Dec 2019

With the cost of power from solar energy, in several states, highly comparable to that produced by hydro/coal power plants, solar ....

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6 Advantages of Going Solar with MYSUN – The Largest Online Rooftop Solar Platform i | Nov 2019

Solar energy is increasingly becoming an affordable and reliable source of power for home, office and industry owners across the c....

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Interesting Ways The World is Using Solar: Solar-Powered Zeppelins | Oct 2019

In previous articles of this series, we have written about the unique and innovative ways the technology of solar energy has been ....

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An Industry in Faridabad That Chose to Go Solar with MYSUN is Saving More than INR 25 Lakh | Sep 2019

For an active business, power expenditure is a huge part of your fixed bills. Power being such a necessity, more often than not, w....

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Limited Time Solar Subsidy in Delhi for Non-Profit Institutes/Organizations & Homeown | Sep 2019

Adopting solar energy can reduce your monthly electricity bills by up to 80%. And you can find numerous case studies which will at....

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The Residents of Uttar Pradesh Will Pay Up to 12% More on their Monthly Electricity Bills, | Sep 2019

The Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission has announced an up to 12% hike in electricity tariffs for residential consume....

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Electricity Tariff Hike Imposed in Uttar Pradesh (UP) for Commercial & Industrial Sec | Sep 2019

If you are a business owner or own a commercial or Industrial property in Uttar Pradesh, get ready to pay more money for your mont....

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Use your CSR Funds to Solarize and Empower the Villages of India with Mon Ami and MYSUN | Aug 2019

As per section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013, CSR initiatives are a mandate for all qualifying companies in India. As a responsib....

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