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Safeguard Duty on Imported Solar Cells to get Extended for a Year | Jul 2020

The Director-General of Trade and Remedies(DGTR) has recommended extending the prevalent Safeguard duty on imported Solar cells fo....

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Chandigarh Increases its Solar Target to 100 MW | Jul 2020

Chandigarh has over 2900 small, large and medium scale units and is increasingly becoming a lucrative destination of many business....

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7 Unbelievable Benefits for your Business that Going Solar would Bring | Jul 2020

No industry has been left unimpacted by the ongoing crisis. Smart businesses, therefore, are turning towards opportunities that ar....

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5 Reasons Why it’s Worth Investing in Solar For Companies based in Gujarat | Jun 2020

Gujarat, located in the western coast of the Indian Peninsula, is one of the fastest-growing states in the country. ....

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MYSUN Solar Calculator: Businesses in Ghaziabad can Save a Ton with Solar Energy | May 2020

Solar energy has been helping businesses across the world save very substantially, at the same time contribute to the well being o....

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Interesting Ways the World is Using Solar Amid COVID-19 Crisis – Solar Powered Hand | May 2020

While the world battles unprecedented circumstances, two Ghanaians have come up with a wonderful innovation that has solar power a....

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10 Most Common Asked Solar Questions by Business Owners – Answered by MYSUN | May 2020

Solar energy is one of the most rewarding investment decisions for any business as it helps them to save a fortune on power bills ....

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MYSUN Solar Calculator: Here’s How Businesses in Bengaluru can Save Big with Solar | May 2020

Bengaluru is among the world’s top 10 fastest growing cities with an average economic growth rate of 8.5 per cent. With 40 per c....

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Interesting Ways the World is using Solar – Solar Roofed Bike Lane | Apr 2020

Through our series of Interesting Ways the World is using Solar, we bring you the most cutting edge application of solar in modern....

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How Solar Can Help You Plan Your Businesses’ Future While Working From Home? | Apr 2020

Owing to COVID-19 most businesses have resorted to working from home, however, there are businesses where this possibility is very....

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