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5 Things that you must look for in the Perfect Solar PV Installer | Aug 2019

Since you are reading this blog post, we are sure you already are well aware of the benefits of solar and are at a stage of consid....

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6 Things that Every Industry Should Consider Before Going Solar | Aug 2019

Going solar today is an extremely affordable solution for meeting the rising energy demands. In fact, as per a survey by the Inter....

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How Solar Power Plays a Big Role in ISRO’s ‘Chandrayaan-2’ Lunar Mission | Jul 2019

If you have been paying attention to the news lately, you would know that ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) just launched ....

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26% Electricity Tariff Hike Proposed in Uttar Pradesh; Faces Citizen Backlash | Jun 2019

It has just been a month since the electricity tariff hikes were implemented in the state Karnataka and now there is another propo....

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Electricity Tariffs Spike in Karnataka. Time to Go Solar. | May 2019

Karnataka is one of the leading industrial states in India, with the fifth highest GDP ranking among all Indian states with a grow....

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Here’s Why It’s Time for The India Machine Tools Industry to Go Solar | May 2019

Since the advent of the industrial revolution, factories and manufacturers have been the world’s biggest energy consumers due to....

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Interesting ways the World is using Solar – Space Solar Stations | Apr 2019

The Solar Energy space has been booming in the past few years with rapid growth and technological innovations. We have written in ....

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Another no-show for Solar at the Interim Union Budget- 2019/20 | Feb 2019

The much-anticipated Interim Union Budget of 2019 presented in the Lower House (Lok Sabha) of one of the fastest growing economies....

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Why Should Businesses Switch to Solar Energy in Hyderabad, Telangana? | Jan 2019

Hyderabad, also known as the city of pearls, is one of the most economically flourishing cities in India....

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Telangana leaps in Solar Power generation in India: All the more reason to go solar in Te | Nov 2018

Telangana is one of the youngest states in India. But when it comes to solar power it can be seen as one of the eldest and most in....

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