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India Files Petition for Initiation of Anti-Dumping Investigation Against China, Taiwan an | Jul 2017

India's frosty relationship with China seems to be in a never ending circle of news and the latest chapter in the story comes from....

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Top 9 Things to Keep in Mind To Ensure You Get the Best Solar Modules When you Install Roo | Jul 2017

Solar modules are the most important component of your solar PV system since this is where the incident sun rays are captured and ....

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Uttar Pradesh Set to Target 4.3GW of Rooftop Solar Installation as per the new Draft ̵ | Jul 2017

With the operating period of the current solar policy of Uttar Pradesh already having expired on March 31, 2017, the Uttar Pradesh....

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Announcements this Month that Could Impact the Growth of Installed Capacity of Solar in Ta | Jun 2017

Despite being the state with the highest installed solar capacity of about 1.6GW with 529.15 MW being added in the year 2016/17,....

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Solar Robots That Are Making Lives of Humans Simpler | Jun 2017

Robots have been parts of our lives for decades now. If you have been following the narratives of the past year or so, it is widel....

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China’s Latest Solar Powered Drone is Capable of Spending Months on End in the Air | Jun 2017

China has developed an unmanned solar powered drone which can stay in the air for months, if not years. The aircraft is called Cai....

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State Government is Redrafting its Solar Policy in a Bid to Push Solar in Goa | Jun 2017

The government of Goa is set to redraft its solar policy, to give a stronger push to its proposed target of generating 150MW elect....

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18% GST on Solar Cells and Modules; 5% GST on Solar Power Generating Systems | May 2017

The Goods and Services Tax, also known as GST, is hailed as one of the biggest tax reforms of India and is expected to have a majo....

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Why Should Every Resident of Gurgaon, Consider Going for a Rooftop Solar PV Plant? | May 2017

Gurgaon is the second largest district of Haryana. It has undergone rapid development and construction, especially in last five ye....

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How is Solar Energy Produced and What are the Different Types of Solar Systems? | May 2017

With over 300 sunny days in most locations throughout the year, India is an ideal country when it comes to solar energy.....

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