1. Aravindh Abimanyu | November 12, 2016 at 2:25 pm

    f the Lifetime of Solar Panel have exceeded, how do we able to destroy the Panel.. Note: They wont degrade even when kept under the soil i.e Affects the Soil fertility..i have a major doubt on destructing the panel after its extension of lifetime, also searched in many websites for the Answer,. please kindly reply !! i cant able to start my work without knowing the answer for this question.

    • MYSUN Operations Team | November 29, 2016 at 7:16 pm

      The most effective way to dispose the PV panels at the end of its lifetime is by recycling it. One such method is developed by PV CYCLE.
      We researched and dug out the following information from
      “PV CYCLE is a collective compliance and waste management scheme for WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) and Battery products, with a special focus on solar energy system equipment.
      PV CYCLE has developed a process which allows the recycling of silicon flakes, a combination of EVA laminate, silicon-based semiconductors and metals, in an economic and environmentally sound manner. The advanced process is currently being applied at one of PV CYCLE’s Europe-based recycling partners for silicon-PV modules.
      PV CYCLE is today the only scheme guaranteeing comprehensive recycling for all kinds of PV modules, including silicon, CdTe, CIGS and flexible modules.”

      – Team MYSUN

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