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Another no-show for Solar at the Interim Union Budget- 2019/20 | Feb 2019

The much-anticipated Interim Union Budget of 2019 presented in the Lower House (Lok Sabha) of one of the fastest growing economies....

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Underperforming Rooftop Solar Plants Risk Losing Subsidies: A Step in the Right Direction | Apr 2017

It is no secret that the timelines for subsidy driven rooftop solar projects are quite tight given that the installers or develope....

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Why Rooftop Solar Systems are Generating Less Than Ground Mounted Solar System and How can | Feb 2017

When solar system designers estimate the energy generation potential for your rooftop solar system they generally apply the same s....

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How to Register as a Partner on MYSUN? | Nov 2016

MYSUN takes immense pride in bringing value-added services for all those who are in the solar industry. Being a neutral platform, ....

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