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Chandigarh (CREST) Announces a Solar Subsidy of 30% and an Incentive of a Cash Reward of Rs 1,00,000 to the best Performing RWA to Propel Rooftop Solar | Dec 2016

In a bid to push the interest and encourage consumers to go solar, the Administration of Chandigarh has announced a subsidy of 30%, with a target of achieving 50MW by 2022...

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Limited Time Opportunity to Get Huge Subsidy For Rooftop Solar in India for Residential Users | Nov 2016

With the massive target of the National Solar Mission of 2022 looming large, ..

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Breakup of State-Wise Subsidy Available Under the 500MW Rooftop Tender by SECI | Nov 2016

Solar Energy Corporation of India Limited (SECI) announced a 500MW Rooftop Tender. Significantly, this tender includes a Central Financial Assistance (Subsidy) of up to Rs 22,500/kWp* to those customers who are eligible. ..

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Highlights of the 500MW Grid-connected Solar PV Rooftop Tender by SECI | Nov 2016

There is never really a bad time to start with something that will have lasting positive impact, as solar would..

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Interesting Ways the World is Utilising Solar Energy: Solar Powered Clothes | Nov 2016

For a long time movies have been made inspired from incidents of real life. But what happens, when reel life actually inspires you to go ahead and define how the future would actually look? ..

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Why Now is the Best Time to Invest in a Solar PV System in Delhi | Nov 2016

A solar PV system today, is not just a great source of savings, but is also a great financial investment which can give you an ROI as high as 20%. But what if we tell you there is an additional 30% capital subsidy for you?..

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Why Every Resident of Delhi Should Look to Go With Rooftop Solar Now | Nov 2016

While Delhi has always been at the forefront in solar policy making with solar net-metering having been notified as far back as September 2014..

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How to Register as a Partner on MYSUN? | Nov 2016

MYSUN takes immense pride in bringing value-added services for all those who are in the solar industry. Being a neutral platform, MYSUN finds itself uniquely positioned..

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Interesting Ways the World is Utilising Solar Energy: Tesla’s Solar Rooftop Tiles | Nov 2016

If you have been following MYSUN on our social media channels or generally keeping an eye out on what we have been up to..

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Fossil Fuels vs Solar | Nov 2016

A famous superhero movie once carried a dialogue, 'with great power comes great responsibility'. What it failed to add is that with great power..

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