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Assam Solar Policy and it's Solar Highlights

Located in the Northeast of India, Assam is most famous for its Assam tea and silk. In fact, talking about power, the first oil well of Asia was dug in Assam. As of 2017, Assam boasts a total cumulative solar capacity of 11.18 MW. This is quite a progress from the state because until about an year ago in 2016, March, the state actually had a commissioned solar power of 0MW. With the average annual per capital consumption of electricity just 258kWh in the North East as compared to 779kWh consumption in the whole of the country, the demand for energy is not as high in NE states and therefore solar can easily become the primary energy source in the state. Even under the 500MW Rooftop Subsidy scheme by SECI, the NE states have been given a higher, 70% subsidy in order to encourage the installation of rooftop solar plants. The grid interactive net metering arrangement in Assam was formally announced in the month of May in 2015, allowing all the residents who wish to go solar to feedback the excessive produced electricity to the grid and be suitably rewarded for the same.

Solar State Policy of Neighbouring States

*Last updated on April 4, 2017

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