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Bihar Solar Policy and it's Solar Highlights

Bihar is the third most populated state in India and is located in the eastern part of the country. While the state has made significant progress towards development, it still is considered to be lagging behind some of the other more glamorous states in the country when it comes to socio-economic development. Bihar has a total commissioned solar power of about 95.91 MW, with 90.81MW being added just in the last one year. This clearly reiterates the commitment towards going solar for the state. In fact, Dharnai, a village with 2400 people, 450 homes and 50 commercial establishments in Bihar became the first fully solar powered village in India in 2015. Dharnai has since become an inspiration to several other villages in the country, which still do not have access to power 24x7. Given the dense population of the state, and lack of available land, rooftop solar is the perfect solution for the state of Bihar. In the past, Bihar Renewable Energy Development Agency or BREDA has run several subsidy lead programs to ensure that people are encouraged to go solar, the falling prices of solar ensure that by 2017, even without subsidy, going rooftop solar makes a lot of financial as well as environmental sense.

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