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Chandigarh Solar Policy and it's Solar Highlights

Chandigarh is a Union Territory in India that also is the capital of Haryana and Punjab. Chandigarh is located in the Northern part of India and is considered to be one of the best planned cities in India. In fact, BBC has announced Chandigarh to be one of the perfect cities when it comes to modern architecture, cultural growth and modernisation. Befitting the recognition, Chandigarh has been a proactive supporter of installation of solar in the city. As of 2017, 16.20 MW of solar has already been installed with 9.40MW being commissioned in the year 2016/17. Since being declared as a model solar city in 2013, Chandigarh has been inviting of private players in the solar power sector. Therefore, it is no wonder that Chandigarh is home to a floating solar power plant pilot of about 10kwp that is situated at the Dhanas lake to help power the fountains at the lake. Further push for solar adoption has been propelled by the Administration of Chandigarh by announcing a subsidy of 30% on the cost of rooftop solar plants. To ensure that residents take a keen interest a cash reward of Rs 1,00,000 was also promised to the best performing RWA by the Chandigarh Renewable Energy Science & Technology (CREST). While the Government buildings have been extremely keen to install rooftop solar, the growth in the residential sector has been slightly slower, and that is where such programs would be hoping to make a difference.

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