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Tamil Nadu Solar Policy and it's Solar Highlights

Tamil Nadu is one of the states located in the southern part of India. In fact, alongside Kerala, it forms the southern most tip of the country. The most famous and capital city of Tamil Nadu is Chennai, or Madras as it is was famously called. As of January 2017, Tamil Nadu has the highest amount of solar power commissioned at 1590.97 MW with 529.15MW commissioned in the Financial year of 2016/17. The Tamil Nadu government has taken several steps in ensuring that the state takes strong measures in promoting renewable energy and its adoption. In additional to the solar policy in 2012, a comprehensive tariff order on solar power was announced by the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission or TNERC. Thanks to this enabling environment, it comes as little surprise that the world's largest solar power plant is located in Tamil Nadu. The plant has been built at a cost of about $679 million by the Adani Group. It took a total of eight months to commission this 648MW plan in an area of 10 square kilometres. Tamil Nadu is one of the first states to achieve 100% village electrification and has the largest solar power generation among the states. The net metering policy in the state has been implemented since 2012. The planned capacity addition till 2019 has been set to 3000MW in the state from solar.

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