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Gujarat Solar Policy and it's Solar Highlights

Gujarat is located on the Western coast of India and is called as the "Jewel of Western India". Purely in terms of the geographical area, it is the 6th largest state in the country. With a proposed target of 3200 MW, Gujarat is set to become the fourth largest state in India when it comes to installed rooftop solar capacity by 2022. This would put Gujarat, behind states likes Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu for grid connected rooftop power. Currently, Gujarat alone accounts for 1159.76MW of commissioned solar power in India with about 40.58MW being added in the FY 2016/17. It is one of the fastest growing states when it comes to solar deployment- both for rooftop as well as large-scale solar projects. Very recently, the airport of Ahmedabad also commissioned 700kWp rooftop solar plant outlining the push from the state government towards installing solar. The Gujarat Energy Development Agency or GEDA had set a target of achieving at least 50MW of electricity from just rooftop solar plants in the FY 2016/17. There have been successful subsidy lead programmes, awareness drives as well as strong policies that have been formulated to ensure rapid progression of rooftop solar in the state. Gujarat is also a home to Charanka Solar Park that is being constructed on a 2,000 hectare land in Norther Gujarat, encompassing 19 different solar projects. The solar park is expected to host at least 500MW solar power systems when it is fully completed and commissioned.

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