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Jammu & Kashmir Solar Policy and it's Solar Highlights

Jammu & Kashmir, or J&K as it is famously called, is the northern most state of India. The state is the home to some of the most scenic places in the country and a favourite of the tourists. Jammu & Kashmir thanks to its location has the second largest solar power potential in the country but failed to commission even a single MW commissioned power from solar in FY 16/17. The state has 1MW, total commissioned power from solar so far. The reason that most experts have cited for the poor performance has been the inability of the state government to clear administrative bottlenecks, making solar still a pipe dream. It has been calculated that the state has a solar potential of 111.05GW. Several projects have been discussed but a couple of really large solar projects in Leh and Kargil have so far failed to materialise. Ladakh, another city in J&K has been at the centre of discussion for large solar plants given the capacity of 7500MW that the region posses. Ladakh receives the best solar radiation in India and therefore is also called as the 'Solar Capital' of India. So far, a 1MW rooftop solar plant was built at the Katra Railway Station that promises to save up to Rs 1 crore on the electricity bill annually.

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