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Odisha Solar Policy and it's Solar Highlights

Odisha or Orissa as it was formerly known is located in the south eastern side of the country. It forms about 485 km of coastline towards the east of India. The capital city of Odisha is Bhubaneswar. In total, the state has a total commissioned solar energy of 77.64MW, out of which 10.72MW was added in the FY 2016/17. With the household electrification at 56%, Orissa is actively looking to invest in ensuring that power 24x7 is delivered and solar has been looked at as an important prospect in that regard. That is the reason that the state has set a target of 2,378MW of power to be generated from solar power plants. In addition to solar, 350MW has been targeted from wind energy, 150MW from hydropower and another 180MW from biomass based plant. Based on these numbers alone it is clear that solar has been seen as a primary source of power in the state. Solar power production in Odisha has been divided into four categories, with 328MW coming from utility-scale projects, 50MW from water bodies and 1 GW capacity from large-scale solar parks and 1GW from rooftop projects in the commercial and domestic segment. By the end of the Financial year 2017/18, Odisha has set a target of achieving 297MW of total solar installed capacity, with 125MW coming from rooftops.

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